From the time of insertion, how long until VCF begins to work?

A couple can engage in sexual intercourse fifteen minutes after VCF insertion. The film is active for three hours. If there is a second ejaculation within the first three hours, or if three hours has elapsed, then another film should be inserted.

Will I or my partner feel VCF?

No. Neither of you should feel the film.

Can VCF be used during breastfeeding?

Yes, the product is safe to use during breastfeeding as it does not contain hormones of any kind or any other material which can influence breast milk production.

How do I know VCF is in the right place?

If a woman has practiced the motion of inserting her middle finger and feeling her cervix beforehand, she can feel confident that VCF is in the right place. The cervical opening is at the upper end of the vaginal tunnel. It is shaped like a small donut with a tiny hole in the center.

How can I achieve the highest effectiveness possible with VCF?

Although there is no 100% guarantee, the highest degree of effectiveness can be reached by reviewing and understanding the instruction sheet (see link for Tips for first-time users), together with successful learning of the skill of insertion and using the product according to instructions.

Why does VCF stick to my finger?

This is usually the result of using VCF without prior experience and skill. If a woman first practices inserting her middle finger quickly, and touching the cervix within 4-5 seconds, she should not have a problem inserting her finger with VCF. If inserted slowly, the VCF will start to dissolve when inserted into the moisture of the vagina.

What can influence the effectiveness of VCF?

a. If the film sticks to the finger or to the vaginal wall, this is usually the result of slow insertion time. The film needs to be inserted quickly, within 4-5 seconds. b. If the film is not placed on or near the cervix, efficacy may be lower. This is why a woman will want to practice beforehand, inserting her longest finger all the way up, in order to find her cervix, before using VCF in “real time”. c. If a woman performs an internal, vaginal douche with water in less than six hours from last ejaculation this is risky. There is no problem with an external, vaginal wash. d. If the date has expired the product may not be effective (see the date printed on every unit of VCF). e. If a woman is being treated with any vaginal medication, e.g. yeast infection, VCF should not be used.

Can VCF cause unexpected staining/bleeding ?

There is no association between VCF and vaginal staining or bleeding. Vaginal bleeding or staining could be the result of other factors related to vaginal penetration. If a woman sees unexpected staining/bleeding she should consult her physician or gynecologist.

If I feel burning or discomfort after use, what could be the cause?

If, following a second try on another day, VCF still causes discomfort, then using another form of contraception is recommended.

Are there side-effects to VCF?

A minority of women and men (2-4%) could be sensitive or allergic to the active ingredient.It may cause itchiness, burning or discomfort.There may be an increased risk of sensitivity or infection among women who suffer from chronic urinary tract infections, UTI’s.


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